Hello, welcome to my website for painting windows.

I have been painting professionally for 8 years and painting windows for around a year and am really enjoying it, if you are interested in having your windows painted please go to the contact page for information on how to get a quote.

I can paint most designs and will work with you until we get the look you want for your window.

I am originally a face painter who side-stepped into window painting and I love it!

I enjoy creating designs and standing back and seeing a huge design, then I love to see peoples faces when they see it.

I have always been creative and really get lost in painting and creating beautiful scenes for people, as you can see from the photos below.


Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl stickers can be used as a way to quickly add colour to a window, they are pre painted by me and then either posted to you or I can come and attach them, then add details around them if you are local.